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Explore Costa Rica with Reymond Tours Manzanillo

Adventure awaits you in Costa Rica's beautiful southern Caribbean!  At the end of the coastal road you will find Manzanillo - my home since I was a boy.  My name is Reymond and I am a professional Tour Guide with over 20 years of experience in guiding travelers through the jungle I know and love.  

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Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge

Limon Province.  Costa Rica

Manzanillo is a small village surrounded by the natural beauty of the Gandoca - Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.  Many of the treasures of the southern Caribbean are hidden to the untrained eye.  Let me show you everything that the Caribe Sur has to offer, so you don't miss a thing.  If you have any questions, or would like to arrange for a tour, please contact me by phone and I would be happy to talk to you.       506 8675 9689

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Come and Explore Manzanillo! Where the Jungle Meets the Sea!


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Don't be shy!  Call me today and let's book your tour!   506 8675 9689

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Available Tours

Reymond Tours Manzanillo offers a variety of tour packages. On all of my tours I want you to see new things, have new experiences, and meet new people. 

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Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Jungle Tour

Price:  $35 per person.  Time: 3 to 4 hours.

This tour will take us on a 3 to 4 hour hike through the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. I have been exploring this jungle since I was a boy, so you won't miss a thing as we walk through the rain forest. We will look for all the wildlife the southern Caribbean is famous for - Howler monkeys, Two and Three Toed Sloths, Tropical Frogs, Eyelash Vipers, Toucans, Orb Spiders, Bullet Ants and so much more! I will also show you the many native trees and plants that make the jungle such a beautiful place. But your tour does not end with the jungle! We will also walk beautiful, pristine beaches and visit ancient coral formations, including the amazing view from May Point.

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Caribe Sur Guided Tour:        4 Tours in 1!

Price:  $50 per person.  Time:  4 to 5 hours.

This guided tour offers you some of the best sights the area has to offer.  We will begin our day by visiting the local BriBri people who will share with us their traditional ways of co-existing with nature and making chocolate. From there, we will meet with a local Shaman to learn about BriBri traditional medicine and culture. Next, we will take a short hike to BriBri Waterfall where you can enjoy the spectacular view and take a refreshing swim. Finally, we will visit Cahuita National Park, where I will be your personal guide as we take a walking tour through the tropical rain forest, home to a diverse collection of Costa Rican wildlife.

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Custom Tours and Services

Prices and times vary by tour.

Are you interested in touring the southern Caribbean with a professional, local guide? I offer a wide range of tours, such as - Day Hike to Punta Mona with return by boat, Punta Uva Beach and Jungle Tour, Leatherback Turtle Watching in Gandoca, and guided tours of Bocas del Toro. I can arrange Boat Tours for Dolphin watching and Sightseeing.  I also offer tours of Manzanillo village for those who are interested in learning about the village or viewing available real estate. I am happy to accommodate any size group from solo travelers to big families. Same day and last minute tours are always welcome!

Want to learn more about a tour?  Call me today!    506 8675 9689

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